Saturday, August 11, 2012

Look who won the CTMH shopping spree!

CTMH Shopping Spree with Noreen:

I thought this was so cute I had to post it on my blog. Check out Noreen's shopping spree with CTMH!

Have you ever watched Supermarket Sweep? Oh, I so loved that show and just knew I would rock and roll it if ever given the chance to run through a store grabbing anything I could!!

Can you believe that Close to My Heart gave me an opportunity to run through the CTMH Warehouse to do exactly that!! Those were 3 of the most chaotic minutes I've ever experienced and you truly don't even realize what you're're just trying to grab, and grab, and grab!!!

I worked closely with my "advisory team" (my daughter Mandy and wonderful friend Lorri) to design the best possible attire for my shopping spree!!!

We bought some clothesline hangar wire, but I was concerned it might be a little too flexible, so we added a little "braiding" to give it more stability!
We found the largest sweatpants Walmart had in stock and wove the wire through to provide me a "hula-hoop" type structure (but flexible so I could stuff it into a suitcase! (So surprised I wasn't given any issues getting through airport security!!)
We added suspenders so I could have plenty of "hands-free" shopping...can you envision the old-fashioned clown costumes...but of course mine is wayyyy cuter!
A little bling and CTMH lettering to add that special "uniform" feel to it!
And finally some bubble paint to spruce it up (thanks Mandy!!)

Check out the fabulous "video" Close to My Heart put together to commemorate my wonderful experience!! It was such a whirlwind, but the funnest experience EVER!!! I totally went in with a strategy to get embellishments, embellishments and embellishments...I could grab handfuls, and they'd be "light" despite hundreds of them!! But then they gave me a pretty cart, so I felt compelled to go for some paper and such...oh the joy and chaos! It was a BLAST!!!!

I'll admit, when you're running around like have no clue what you're grabbing!!! Your hands are reaching into a box and about the time you register what it is you've grabbed, you've already grabbed it so might as well take it! (So I came home with 9 Snapease 12x12 Album Systems in my random!!) But you're not thinking, you're just grabbing!! I'm sure I ran past multiple Cricut Collections, but didn't see a thing...uggh!! But hmmmm, over $4,000 in embellishments, papers, Cricut mats, Desk Pads, and complaints!!!

Afterwards, I was taken up to the Executive Conference Room (yes, inside the walls of Close to My very exciting!! And created some layouts and cards designed for me by the Art lucky can a girl get?

Do you see all the beautiful Cricut shapes...cut and ready to in love with our products!!!

I was even given a CD of all the pictures taken of my Day O' Fun!!! And would that finish it off, uh uh...I was able to leave with 2 completed layouts (with pictures), 6 beautiful cards, AND a send-off wouldn't be complete without a fabulous dinner at the Cheesecake Factory...YUMMMY!!!


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