Monday, December 10, 2012


(This special is only available through Brenda Olson)

REINDEER BUCKS! This is a special available only through me in December! For every $10 you spend with me in December, I will give you $1 back in the form of a gift certificate. So, if you spend $50, you get $5 in Reindeer Bucks! Spend your Reindeer Bucks starting with the new Spring/Summer Idea Book on February 1, 2013.   Reindeer Bucks are good till the end of March. 

If you would like to Pre-Order your new Spring/Summer Idea Book you can do so now.  If you are a long distance customer send me a check for $8.00 to cover to cost of the book and the shipping.  If you are a local customer, just send me a check for $4.00 for the cost of the book and I will drop it off.  I will ship them out to you middle January.  

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